Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Different Point and Click Game

Samorost 2

launch game

I dont enjoy point and click games much so I was a li'l skeptical before I started playing this one but to my surprise this game turned out to be the best game in the genre I had ever played. Our strange hero's dog gets kidnapped by aliens and you need now to help our weird hero find his dog and escape. There are some really great graphics and photorealistic images (though at times it seems they have used real photographs). Great work by Amanita Designs.


launch game

A similar but older game also developed by Amanita Design. You'll be tempted to try this one after you had played Samorost 2.

game category: adventure/point and click
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Samorost2 Walkthrough
I would recommed all of you to try completing the game yourself. Just following the walkthrough would take away half the fun playing it. But at times this game can get a li'l too difficult to complete. So if you are stuck and just cant find the way out
click the show walkthrough button below

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