Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Butterfly Effect - Chronotron

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Its been a long time since my last post, mostly due to lack of good flash games and being unable to take my red swollen fingers off my XBox gamepad. I never thought I would return back to flash games after getting used to all those smooth, flashy 3D games with mind blowing graphics, AI and physics. But in the end despite everything the most crucial part of any game is the gameplay. I came across this amazing game, Chronotron and I left whatever I was playing on my XBox till I completed this one. Chronotron (chrono=time, tron=robot) is a lonely robot. The only company he has is himself. He can travel back in time and chit chat with his old self or may be even complete the level he could not have completed alone. An amazing concept, great food for your mind. The levels become increasingly difficult as you move forward.

Game Source: Scarybug Games
Game Category: Puzzle Game

Monday, February 04, 2008

WarBears - Funny Puzzle Game

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If you loved playing Hapland you'll definitely going to enjoy this one. The best category this game fits in is Puzzle game, but I feel Hapland has started an altogether new genre of games and this fits perfectly into it. WarBears (tagline: We Bring War to the Enemies of the Peace) is a fun game. It really is funny. In fact at times you don't regret making mistakes as you enjoy seeing the character's reactions. There's an emergency as the BedTime bank is being looted. Now its upto Agent Lucas, Kla, Steve and Ryoh to save the hostages and the money. The thugs are kind enough to wait for you till you reach the spot doing nothing at all. The script for the game is funny and silly at times but you never get bored of the game. Enjoy!!

I am in the process of writing the walkthrough of this game.. 'll update soon.

Warbears Walkthrough: coming soon!!!!

Game Source: GameGarage
Game Category: Puzzle Game/Hapland Like

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dice Wars - Strategy Game

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I am still surprised how I missed on this one for so long. Dice Wars is an amazing strategy game quite similar to the board game 'Risk' if you are familiar with it. Kudos to GameDesign and Taro Ito for this one. If you are a strategy game fan, be ready to sacrifice countless hours of your life on this one. I'll be going in a little depth about how to play this game as I couldn't find any details on the author's web site.

Tip: Try playing initially in 2 player mode. The default is 7. Once you get a hang of it, increase the number of opponents.

In two player mode your areas and dice will be purple in color and your opponents will be green. The one who captures the entire area is the winner. When its your turn first click on your area which is going to attack and an adjacent opponent area which is going to be attacked. Who wins? Say your area has 5 dice and the opponents has a less number of dice say 4 then your odds of winning are better. Luck factor also comes into picture. The dice will thrown and the sum will be calculated for you and the opponent, whoever scores better is the winner and the winner gets to capture the opponents area. The area will now become purple and 4 dice (5-1) will move to the new area leaving one behind to safegaurd your already captured area. You can play any number of times before you end your turn by clicking on the 'end turn' button. (And so can your opponent :P)

It will take just a little while to figure out strategies like hiding the weaker areas (having less number of dice) behind stronger ones, Not capturing some of the weaker areas of the opponent if you become vulnerable after that, Corners being safer bets and a lot more you'll figure out yourself.

Game Source: GameDesign
Game Category: Strategy

Friday, February 01, 2008

Submachine 5 : The Root - Another Point and Click Game

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Submachine 5 is a fabulous point and click game but beware it gets pretty challenging at points. Hey wait don't start yet if you haven't played the earlier Submachine parts. You have hours or perhaps days to go before you play this one. Start from the first part in order and see the mystery unfold. There is a connection. Here are the links to the Submachne prequels (is that a word?):

1. Submachine
2. Submachine Zero : Ancient Adventure
3. Submachine 2 : The Lighthouse
4. Submachine 3 : The Loop
5. Submachine 4 : The Lab

One thing that drives me off point and click games is that sometimes its more about luck and patience than logic. You have to see every pixel on the screen if it is clickable or not. Though initial parts are pretty easy to solve, The Root is the most challenging one. I wont write more as I am pretty sure no one is reading..

BTW if you are looking for a walkthrough you'll find it on the site itself, so I wont go through all the pains of writing it myself...

game source: I could'nt find the author's site. I got these links from arcadetown. I don't know how does that matter to you.
game category: Point and Click game.

Monday, January 28, 2008

War of Faiths - Faith Fighter

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Wow cool animation, awesome music, smooth controls and great gameplay.. The only thing that some people may find objectionable is the depiction of their faiths (I don't.. I have lost all faith in everyone) which if the case is simply don't play it. Faith Fighter is a fighting game, only the characters are gods of different faiths. Each God has its combo moves.. You can play it against computer or in 2-player mode.. and after you have declared the supremacy of your faith against others.. comes the boss.. who it is? you have to find it out yourself. Well, some people might find this game a li'l objectionable but I think its better than fighting in flesh and blood. Enjoy

"Faith Fighter is the ultimate fighting game for these dark times. Choose your belief and kick the shit out of your enemies. Give vent to your intolerance! Religious hate has never been so much fun."

game category: arcade
game source: Molleindustria (

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stunt Pilot

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One of the first games I played after my gf dumped me. And this really helped me keep busy. Very simplistic and fantastic gameplay. You are a stunt pilot not exactly running on adrenaline but daring enough to zoom your plane through various rings suspended in the sky. You control your beautiful plane designed by some 3 yr old girl using only 3 keys.:

[Up] - To move your plane up.
[Down] - Hold your breath .. To move your plane down.
[Space] - Speed boost.

Using Speed boost you can rack up more points in your bag.. but the plane becomes equally difficult to control.

[Up] and [Down] keys may move your planes in exactly opposite direction of what you expected if your plane is moving towards left. Have fun.

game category: arcade
game source: Rock Solid Arcade (

Rejoice.. I am back!!

Its been ages since i posted anything on this blog. Life's been pretty busy for me. I moved to another country. My girlfriend dumped me for her best friend and dint even bother to tell me long after her engagement. Now that I have nothing to do I'll again immerse myself in my little world of games and technical ramblings. I need to play atleast a dozen games before I can post anything here. Rejoice guys .. I am back!! Game On...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fancy Pants Adventure

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Fancy Pants is a simple side scroller game. What makes it different from other games is its simple but animated graphics. Sound track is continuos across the game.

Following are the keys to play the game.

-Use Left and Right to move
-'S' key to Jump
-Duck (Down Key) while on a slant or landing to roll
-Space pauses the game
-Up key to open a door.

Jump on spiders and other creatures to kill them.
Collect for gaining health points. Collect 100 of these to gain extra life.


Saturday, January 27, 2007


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There are zillions of sudoku games available on the net for as many crazy sudoku fans. I juz thought even my site should have a link to this excellent game. I chose the one on miniclip juz because it looks pretty clean. I need not explain what sudoku is. To quote from Miniclip:
"Play this fantastic puzzle game that is taking the world by storm - New puzzles every day!"

game category: puzzle
game source: miniclip

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Classic Snake

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This is so far one of the best clones for the excellent classic. You are definitely going to enjoy this. You can luxuriosly control all your snake movements by mouse. The controls are smooth and the game is fun. I need not tell more. Go Play dude...

game category: skill/classic
source: gamebalance

Monday, July 03, 2006

New Metal Slug (2D Scrolling Flash Game)

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New Metal Slug is an awesome 2D scrolling flash game. Its one of the best action shooters game available. It is one level remake of SNK's famous arcade platformer with enhanced graphics. If you miss the days of Prince of Persia then you'll surely enjoy this one.

Controls(These are configurable)
DN - S

J - Fire
K - Jump
L - throw grenade

The game size is approx 3MB so if you have an extremely slow dial-up connection then you may want to avoid this. The flash swf file can be copied from the temporary directory if you want to play it offline but I'm not sure whether copyright laws allow it for personal use. So do it at your own discretion.

game category: action shooter game / 2D scrolling game
game source:
game type: flash game
game size: ~3MB

Friday, May 26, 2006

Chronon - Play with Time

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Kronos is the Greek god of time and so the name Chronon. Enough teaching.. Eyemaze produces some really innovative and challenging puzzle games. Chronon is no exception and the gameplay is fabulous. Its a point and click game but not like others in the same genre. You'll have to think hard. The most interesting part of eyemaze games is that it adds one more dimension to your game - Time and that's where all the fun lies. The game starts with some weird looking monster going out of his house at 6 in the morning. A ghost that works during day time and returns back at 7 in the evening. There is a li'l yellow man in a cage. We have to return the Yellow man his freedom. A small hint: You dont need to kill the ghost to be free, you can also make him happy.. umm.. amke him some nice dish till he comes back. I wont spoil much of your fun discover it for yourself and enjoy. The Score at the bottom will give you an indicator if you are moving in the right direction.

game source: eyemaze
game categoy: point and click / puzzle

Chronon Walkthrough
I would recommed all of you to try completing the game yourself. Just following the walkthrough would take away half the fun playing it. But at times this game can get a li'l too difficult to complete. So if you are stuck and just cant find the way out
click the show walkthrough button below

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fast Froots (Racing)

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Well I've never ever mentioned racing games in my blog.. I dont usually find flash racing games to be much involving.. but for quite a while I got hooked onto this game .. It may take time to load so avoid it if you are using dial-up connection.. the good thing is u can skip all the registration business and directly get into action.. Its a racing game and i need not explain you guz what racing is.. the only diff being that you are some fruit.. and you are racing with other goddamned fruits.. So start zooming...

game source:
game category: racing

Chaos Theory

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The name "chaos theory" comes from the fact that the systems that the theory describes are apparently disordered, but chaos theory is really about finding the underlying order in apparently random data. Well I know you'd have hit me if you'd have got hold of me.. Ok so before my visitors start closing down the windows, lets start talking about the game.. The game starts with some text which I tried hard to understand but couldnt.. It was japanese or may be chinese or may be some martian language... whatever it is just click on the first word and you'll enter the game.. it comprises of some circles moving up and down.. What you have to do is click somewhere on the screen at a point when there would be maximum chaos.. When you click a large circle will appear on the screen and when it collides with the smaller circles another big circle appears.. You can click only once... Try to make all 50 circles collide... This game is addictive.. atleast it was for me n I hope it will be for all of you guys too... enjoy..

game source: digggames
game categoy: fun/physics

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hapland 3

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Hapland III is here!!!! Wow I am way too excited to play this game. I'll make this post shorter. I just cant wait to play the game. Take my word for it. You are going to enjoy this game a lot. Hapland was created by Rob Allen. This is the sequel to his very popular series of hapland games. I've already posted the other 2 versions. You can check them out in the Feb 2006 Archive.
How to play? Just click on any damn thing. Things will react. Dont be too logical. Click on every possible pixel on the screen. Enjoy!!!!

game source:
game categoy: point and click

Hapland 3 Walkthrough
I would recommed all of you to try completing the game yourself. Just following the walkthrough would take away half the fun playing it. But at times this game can get a li'l too difficult to complete. So if you are stuck and just cant find the way out
click the show walkthrough button below

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Retro Games

Its been a long time since my last post. I couldnt find any games worth mentioning over here. So till the time I get across some stupendously superb game I would mention here remakes of some retro blockbusters.

The name speaks for itself. Here you'll find a flash version of the game. This game has an edge over our good old version and that is online Hall of Fame. Compete with all Tetris fans across the globe. Wish you all the luck!
game category: classic games
game source: gamebrew

Pac Man/Pacman
This game has eaten up huge amount of productive time of millions of people. But hey who cares as the more we eat the higher our scores get. And we all want to beat that b*$+*rd sitting on the top of the high-score chart isnt it?
game category: classic games
game source:

Super Mario Brothers
This game in its original form was a huge success. There have been hundreds of remakes. No guarantees about this particular flash version as I havent played it myself. Do write your comments about the game.
game category: classic games
game source:

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Penguin Swing

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This one is old. But some games are worth mentioning and I dont want to miss out on this one appearing on my blogs. Beating up that little penguin has helped me get out of my frustration created by my dumb headed superiors. You ara a snowman and a penguin will jump from above just to let you hit him. Depending upon the timing the penguin is thrown away when you hit him. The distance b/w you and the penguin earns you that many points. Believe me this one's addictive.

game category: skill/fun
game source: unknown

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


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Weird name, eh? Let me tell you what ALIAS stands for. Its 'Artificial Lifeform Intended for Assassination and Sabotage'. Even more weird, rt? Alias 2 is the sequel to the one of the best shooting 2D scroller games ever made on flash platform. Those of you who havent played Alias can have a look at it here.

The gameplay is smooth.. really smooth. The keyboard configuration is kept as follows:

D : Walk forward
A : Walk backward
D & S : roll forward, a+s - roll backward
W : Climb
Space - Jump
Left mouse click : fire

This one's from freeonlinegames. Great work again!
Unlimitted ammo. Keep that left button of your mouse pressed throughout. Go on a killing spree. Enjoy!

game category: fast action/2D scrolling
game source:

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hapland 2

launch game

Well Hapland was a challenge, rt? Get ready for more adventure and challenge with the sequel(?) Hapland 2. Robin Allen has lived upto the expectations set for this much awaited game. Your Goal? Restore power to the portal in order to save a princess or something. Just light the damn torches. Sometimes helpful symbols are engraved on the walls. Click on everything! No, really, everything. Even that thin pink thing that doesnt look like it does anything.

game category: puzzle/point and click
game source:


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Hapland is a fun game and presents you with an interactive world where you have to guess how to reach your goal (and the goal itself I suppose). But so that you are not left guessing here is what you are supposed to do: Light up both the torches on the circle at top left corner of the screen which would open the stone portal to end up. See if you can complete this without any help from walkthroughs available on the net.

game category: puzzle/point and click
game source:

Guess the Google

launch game

This one by Grant Robinson is fun to play. 20 thumbnails are displayed on screen and you have to guess what search term in Google's image search will display these images. This has nothing to do with Google Inc though it displays images retreived from Google's image search. Top scores are on daily basis.

game category: puzzle
game source:

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Alien Hominid

launch game

Alien Hominid is a fast action 2D scrolling game. It is this fast action that gives the game its life. Developed by newgrounds this will keep you glued to your computer screens till you see the end. Uses Keyboard controller with arrow keys for obvious functions and 'a' and 's' keys to shoot and jump respectively.

game category: action/2D scrolling
game source:

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Different Point and Click Game

Samorost 2

launch game

I dont enjoy point and click games much so I was a li'l skeptical before I started playing this one but to my surprise this game turned out to be the best game in the genre I had ever played. Our strange hero's dog gets kidnapped by aliens and you need now to help our weird hero find his dog and escape. There are some really great graphics and photorealistic images (though at times it seems they have used real photographs). Great work by Amanita Designs.


launch game

A similar but older game also developed by Amanita Design. You'll be tempted to try this one after you had played Samorost 2.

game category: adventure/point and click
game source:

Samorost2 Walkthrough
I would recommed all of you to try completing the game yourself. Just following the walkthrough would take away half the fun playing it. But at times this game can get a li'l too difficult to complete. So if you are stuck and just cant find the way out
click the show walkthrough button below

EyeMaze Grow Games

Grow Cube

launch game

Grow Cube is a wonderful startegy game. It may take time for some people to understand it at first. Try putting various objects that appear on screen in some order. There is only one order which will make you win the game. Eyemaze has done a great job developing this game and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

On similar lines EyeMaze has also introduced other grow games.

Grow RPG

launch game

If you liked Grow Cube then you'll surely enjoy this one.

3rd Version of Grow

launch game

A third version of a similar grow game.

Grow Ornament

launch game

Another great game of the same genre by Eyemaze.

game category: strategy
game source:

Monday, February 06, 2006

Find an opponent

Balls and Walls

launch game

Balls and walls is an absolutely fantastic game. The gameplay is excellent. Play it in 2 player mode and you'll have loads of fun though it can also be played in single player mode. The game is very simple to get hang on.
Use right/left arrow keys for movement. Up arrow keys sets an angle and pressing it again shoots the balls. You can fire any no of balls based on the duration for which the up key is pressed. While playing in 2 Player mode the left and right arrow keys are replaced by 'z' and 'x' and the up key is replaced by 's' for second player.

game category: action
game source:

Test Your Reflexes

Bullet Time

launch game

Get started working on your reflexes. This game could have been a li'l bland if not for online scores. Its fun to see yourself improving and competing with other players (though there are some ridiculously high scores for first couple of players in the hall of fame). The game is simple and very easy to play. You'll see a gun after the game has launched. Wait and right click your mouse as soon as a bullet is fired. Clicking before the bullet gets fired will give you a penalty. As levels progress you'll be provided lesser and lesser time to dodge. See for yourself n enjoy.

game category: action
game source:
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