Friday, May 26, 2006

Chronon - Play with Time

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Kronos is the Greek god of time and so the name Chronon. Enough teaching.. Eyemaze produces some really innovative and challenging puzzle games. Chronon is no exception and the gameplay is fabulous. Its a point and click game but not like others in the same genre. You'll have to think hard. The most interesting part of eyemaze games is that it adds one more dimension to your game - Time and that's where all the fun lies. The game starts with some weird looking monster going out of his house at 6 in the morning. A ghost that works during day time and returns back at 7 in the evening. There is a li'l yellow man in a cage. We have to return the Yellow man his freedom. A small hint: You dont need to kill the ghost to be free, you can also make him happy.. umm.. amke him some nice dish till he comes back. I wont spoil much of your fun discover it for yourself and enjoy. The Score at the bottom will give you an indicator if you are moving in the right direction.

game source: eyemaze
game categoy: point and click / puzzle

Chronon Walkthrough
I would recommed all of you to try completing the game yourself. Just following the walkthrough would take away half the fun playing it. But at times this game can get a li'l too difficult to complete. So if you are stuck and just cant find the way out
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fast Froots (Racing)

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Well I've never ever mentioned racing games in my blog.. I dont usually find flash racing games to be much involving.. but for quite a while I got hooked onto this game .. It may take time to load so avoid it if you are using dial-up connection.. the good thing is u can skip all the registration business and directly get into action.. Its a racing game and i need not explain you guz what racing is.. the only diff being that you are some fruit.. and you are racing with other goddamned fruits.. So start zooming...

game source:
game category: racing

Chaos Theory

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The name "chaos theory" comes from the fact that the systems that the theory describes are apparently disordered, but chaos theory is really about finding the underlying order in apparently random data. Well I know you'd have hit me if you'd have got hold of me.. Ok so before my visitors start closing down the windows, lets start talking about the game.. The game starts with some text which I tried hard to understand but couldnt.. It was japanese or may be chinese or may be some martian language... whatever it is just click on the first word and you'll enter the game.. it comprises of some circles moving up and down.. What you have to do is click somewhere on the screen at a point when there would be maximum chaos.. When you click a large circle will appear on the screen and when it collides with the smaller circles another big circle appears.. You can click only once... Try to make all 50 circles collide... This game is addictive.. atleast it was for me n I hope it will be for all of you guys too... enjoy..

game source: digggames
game categoy: fun/physics
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