Monday, February 04, 2008

WarBears - Funny Puzzle Game

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If you loved playing Hapland you'll definitely going to enjoy this one. The best category this game fits in is Puzzle game, but I feel Hapland has started an altogether new genre of games and this fits perfectly into it. WarBears (tagline: We Bring War to the Enemies of the Peace) is a fun game. It really is funny. In fact at times you don't regret making mistakes as you enjoy seeing the character's reactions. There's an emergency as the BedTime bank is being looted. Now its upto Agent Lucas, Kla, Steve and Ryoh to save the hostages and the money. The thugs are kind enough to wait for you till you reach the spot doing nothing at all. The script for the game is funny and silly at times but you never get bored of the game. Enjoy!!

I am in the process of writing the walkthrough of this game.. 'll update soon.

Warbears Walkthrough: coming soon!!!!

Game Source: GameGarage
Game Category: Puzzle Game/Hapland Like

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dice Wars - Strategy Game

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I am still surprised how I missed on this one for so long. Dice Wars is an amazing strategy game quite similar to the board game 'Risk' if you are familiar with it. Kudos to GameDesign and Taro Ito for this one. If you are a strategy game fan, be ready to sacrifice countless hours of your life on this one. I'll be going in a little depth about how to play this game as I couldn't find any details on the author's web site.

Tip: Try playing initially in 2 player mode. The default is 7. Once you get a hang of it, increase the number of opponents.

In two player mode your areas and dice will be purple in color and your opponents will be green. The one who captures the entire area is the winner. When its your turn first click on your area which is going to attack and an adjacent opponent area which is going to be attacked. Who wins? Say your area has 5 dice and the opponents has a less number of dice say 4 then your odds of winning are better. Luck factor also comes into picture. The dice will thrown and the sum will be calculated for you and the opponent, whoever scores better is the winner and the winner gets to capture the opponents area. The area will now become purple and 4 dice (5-1) will move to the new area leaving one behind to safegaurd your already captured area. You can play any number of times before you end your turn by clicking on the 'end turn' button. (And so can your opponent :P)

It will take just a little while to figure out strategies like hiding the weaker areas (having less number of dice) behind stronger ones, Not capturing some of the weaker areas of the opponent if you become vulnerable after that, Corners being safer bets and a lot more you'll figure out yourself.

Game Source: GameDesign
Game Category: Strategy

Friday, February 01, 2008

Submachine 5 : The Root - Another Point and Click Game

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Submachine 5 is a fabulous point and click game but beware it gets pretty challenging at points. Hey wait don't start yet if you haven't played the earlier Submachine parts. You have hours or perhaps days to go before you play this one. Start from the first part in order and see the mystery unfold. There is a connection. Here are the links to the Submachne prequels (is that a word?):

1. Submachine
2. Submachine Zero : Ancient Adventure
3. Submachine 2 : The Lighthouse
4. Submachine 3 : The Loop
5. Submachine 4 : The Lab

One thing that drives me off point and click games is that sometimes its more about luck and patience than logic. You have to see every pixel on the screen if it is clickable or not. Though initial parts are pretty easy to solve, The Root is the most challenging one. I wont write more as I am pretty sure no one is reading..

BTW if you are looking for a walkthrough you'll find it on the site itself, so I wont go through all the pains of writing it myself...

game source: I could'nt find the author's site. I got these links from arcadetown. I don't know how does that matter to you.
game category: Point and Click game.
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