Monday, July 03, 2006

New Metal Slug (2D Scrolling Flash Game)

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New Metal Slug is an awesome 2D scrolling flash game. Its one of the best action shooters game available. It is one level remake of SNK's famous arcade platformer with enhanced graphics. If you miss the days of Prince of Persia then you'll surely enjoy this one.

Controls(These are configurable)
DN - S

J - Fire
K - Jump
L - throw grenade

The game size is approx 3MB so if you have an extremely slow dial-up connection then you may want to avoid this. The flash swf file can be copied from the temporary directory if you want to play it offline but I'm not sure whether copyright laws allow it for personal use. So do it at your own discretion.

game category: action shooter game / 2D scrolling game
game source:
game type: flash game
game size: ~3MB

1 comment:

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My! My! I loved playing Metal Slug! the 2d flash features would definitely make this game more exciting to play. My bro can't wait to play this game.

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