Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stunt Pilot

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One of the first games I played after my gf dumped me. And this really helped me keep busy. Very simplistic and fantastic gameplay. You are a stunt pilot not exactly running on adrenaline but daring enough to zoom your plane through various rings suspended in the sky. You control your beautiful plane designed by some 3 yr old girl using only 3 keys.:

[Up] - To move your plane up.
[Down] - Hold your breath .. To move your plane down.
[Space] - Speed boost.

Using Speed boost you can rack up more points in your bag.. but the plane becomes equally difficult to control.

[Up] and [Down] keys may move your planes in exactly opposite direction of what you expected if your plane is moving towards left. Have fun.

game category: arcade
game source: Rock Solid Arcade (

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Play Elona Shooter said...

Another great game, i am really enjoying your blog thanks a lot for the posts

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