Sunday, March 19, 2006

Retro Games

Its been a long time since my last post. I couldnt find any games worth mentioning over here. So till the time I get across some stupendously superb game I would mention here remakes of some retro blockbusters.

The name speaks for itself. Here you'll find a flash version of the game. This game has an edge over our good old version and that is online Hall of Fame. Compete with all Tetris fans across the globe. Wish you all the luck!
game category: classic games
game source: gamebrew

Pac Man/Pacman
This game has eaten up huge amount of productive time of millions of people. But hey who cares as the more we eat the higher our scores get. And we all want to beat that b*$+*rd sitting on the top of the high-score chart isnt it?
game category: classic games
game source:

Super Mario Brothers
This game in its original form was a huge success. There have been hundreds of remakes. No guarantees about this particular flash version as I havent played it myself. Do write your comments about the game.
game category: classic games
game source:

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