Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hapland 3

launch game

Hapland III is here!!!! Wow I am way too excited to play this game. I'll make this post shorter. I just cant wait to play the game. Take my word for it. You are going to enjoy this game a lot. Hapland was created by Rob Allen. This is the sequel to his very popular series of hapland games. I've already posted the other 2 versions. You can check them out in the Feb 2006 Archive.
How to play? Just click on any damn thing. Things will react. Dont be too logical. Click on every possible pixel on the screen. Enjoy!!!!

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game categoy: point and click

Hapland 3 Walkthrough
I would recommed all of you to try completing the game yourself. Just following the walkthrough would take away half the fun playing it. But at times this game can get a li'l too difficult to complete. So if you are stuck and just cant find the way out
click the show walkthrough button below

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